What to Expect

When you contact me about your book, there is some information that I need from you up front:

Your name and how I can contact you
Which one of my services you are looking for
Your genre
A brief description of your story
The word count (or projected word count)
An idea of when you are wanting this project completed

Once we discuss the project, I will require the first two chapters of your manuscript (minimum 30 pages) so I can give you a specific quote.

I accept payment on PayPal.  Bartering for partial payment is open for discussion (you never know what I'm going to agree to, so don't be afraid to ask me).

Work on all projects begins once I have received full payment (unless some other option has been discussed) and a signed copy of my contract (which looks out for both of us).

Upon publication of your novel, I do ask for a signed physical copy for my shelf.  

I want to start a working relationship with you, not just editing this one book, but all books that you have in you.  I offer services beyond just editing, doing what I can to help you increase your sales and get yourself out there to the public eye.  My work ethic, in all things, has always been to do the best job that I can, and often go beyond what is expected of me.

I will NEVER make a change to your manuscript.  I highlight and make notes, explaining why I have made these suggestions, and allow you to make your own changes.  This helps you to see things that you do often, and allows you to notice these patterns in the future.
            In my notes, I also ask questions, helping both of us to clarify where you are going with certain things.  I can't help you "fix" something if I don't know your purpose, and what made you decide to go in this direction.
            I will NEVER edit your voice out of your book, and I will also NEVER add mine to it.  This is your book and only your book.  My job is to help make your voice and your story the best it can be, not try to make it mine.  Every note that I make is a suggestion, and if it's not something you agree with, you have every right to not use that change.

These are the kinds of things I look for when I edit:
Does it have any major organizational or structural problems?
Are there any scenes or topics that you have not fully developed?
Have you missed any key ingredients?
Have you overwritten, or underwritten, your story?
Are there any point of view issues?
Are your characters' backstories revealing and engaging, or do they need work?
How does the dialogue flow?  Smooth and real or forced and jarring?
Is there too much inner monologue?  Too much description and exposition?
Are there any cliches or stereotypes that weaken your writing?
Is the plot original and compelling?
Is there enough believability, suspense, action, conflict, and tension?
Are there any parts that just fall flat and feel bland, boring?
Are there any repetitive words or phrases?  
What feelings did the book make me feel?
Was it an enjoyable read?

Please feel free to contact me about my availability at hyde.n.seek.editing@gmail.com.
            How long it will take depends on the length of the manuscript and my schedule.  I usually ask for 15-20 business days.

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