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I enjoy reading pretty much anything, especially mysteries, horror, steampunk, science fiction, and fantasies.  I read children, middle school, young adult, and adult novels; fiction and nonfiction.

I tend to stay away from full romance (with sex) and erotica, but I do make exceptions if the story intrigues me.

I have several services to choose from:

Basic proofreading:
Proofreading is the final stage of editing before the book is published.  The point is to make your book as polished as possible.
            In this stage, I go through the manuscript and look at spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other little details, finding any mistakes that may have been made.

Rate: starts at $0.008 a word*
If manuscript is less than 20,000 words, there is a base pay of $20.

Basic editing:
Editing helps shape the novel to be the best that it can be and is very important.  The point is to find any large mistakes you have missed, while also looking at the plot, pacing, character development, narrative arc, voice, and flow of the book.
            In this stage, I read through the manuscript first, getting an idea of where the story is going and the author's voice, while also noting anything big that stands out to me.  When I am finished, I put it down to give myself time to soak it all in, then pick it up a few days later to go through it again, this time looking at each individual sentence to find any errors or mistakes that didn't stand out to me the first read through.  If I need to do a third read, I will.

Rate: starts at $0.009 a word*
If manuscript is less than 20,000 words, there is a base pay of $30.

Additional editing:
Sometimes the author chooses to have a second edit done on their manuscript.  This is usually done when an author adds additional chapters or reworks the manuscript significantly.

Rate: $0.004 a word

* These are the base price for the service, and the price I charge 90% of the time.  The reason I ask for the first two chapters of your book before we discuss specifics is so I can see the amount of work that will need to be put into your manuscript.  If I feel that heavy help is needed, I reserve the right to ask for a slightly larger rate.

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