Beyond Editing

I am the kind of editor that believes your job doesn't end with turning the manuscript back over to the author.  I consider each book I work on a team project, and do what I can to help.  It is my job to help the author make her/his book the BEST that it can be.
            I have found, through my time running The Gal in the Blue Mask and working with authors, that editing isn't the only place that help could be used.

Readers Report:
This is a detailed critique of your manuscript.
            I will read through your manuscript twice and write up a detailed letter of what works and what doesn't work.  This is not a full edit, as I will not be making any marks to your file.  Instead, I will give you my thoughts on how this book can be made better, in letter form, noting the issues and triumphs of the book.

Rate: Depending on length, $75 to $125

Synopsis critique:
This is for the author who has just sat down and painstakingly written out their novel's synopsis.  This is not an easy thing to do, and often a fresh set of eyes is needed to make sure that it works.
            I will read through it and let you know what works and what doesn't, give suggestions on how to make it better, and let you in on some of the things that readers/reviewers/bloggers complain about seeing.

Rate: $25

Query help:
Part of being an author is getting yourself out there.  You put it out there on Goodreads, BookLikes and Facebook that you are looking for reviewers.  You join groups hoping to find someone who will be a perfect fit for your book.  You send messages on Goodreads and BookLikes to reviewers whose reviews you have enjoyed reading.  
            I will read through the email that you are sending out and give you tips to make it better, and more appealing for people in the book world.  I will let you know the things you should and should not include in these emails.

Rate: $20

Blogger Submission help:
The next step, after publishing and finding some reviews, is to get into contact with book bloggers.  This can be done in two ways:

1. By hiring a Blog Tour company, who can help you to set up a blog tour.  Most blog tour companies charge a price and have a list of bloggers that they go to when they are looking to fill up a tour.  (They also spend quite a bit of time looking for new bloggers to add to that list.)  This is a way to get yourself on blogs - they review your book, offer guest posts, conduct interviews, do book and author spotlights, and giveaways can even be done.

2. You can email bloggers yourself.  There are several ways to find them (i.e. a Google or Bing search of "book bloggers," looking up "book bloggers" on Bloglovin', looking on Facebook), and once you do, you can easily find their contact information and what they require when you are submitting your novel to them for review.
            I will read through the email that you are sending and give you tips to make it better, and more appealing to the book bloggers. 

Rate: $30

Book advertisement on The Gal in the Blue Mask (left side):
This is another way to get yourself out there.  I will post the cover picture, connected to the sales link of your choice, on the left hand column of my blog.  Each month, I change these around, giving different places and a fresh look.  I also provide a "book spotlight" the day the book goes up.

Rate: $9 a month
$7 a month for consecutive months

Audio Transcription:
Some people do better talking then writing.  I know several authors that use an audio tape to take down the story that is inside them.
            I will transcribe your audio notes into a Word document.  This does not include editing, just putting your words into the written form.

Rate: Depending on length, $100 to $150

Data Processing:
I know several people who are more comfortable handwriting their notes, manuscripts, etc.  When they are finished, they will sit down at their computer to type them out in their entirety.
            I will type out your written manuscript into a Word document.  This does not include editing, just putting your words into a typed document.

Rate: Depending on length, $100 to $150

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